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We know the struggles of finding the right food for your cat. Pawfect’s improved formula promises excellence in quality to keep your fluffy friend cheery. With an ideal flavor and texture, there’s plenty for your cat to choose from. The purr-fect meals – without compromise.
Cat FoodKitten Food

Pawfect™ Ensures


Added Fiber increases absorption and digestion ensuring gut health.

enhanced immunity

Added MOS act as a Prebiotic to boost immunity.


Contains perfectly balanced calcium, phosphorus and magnesium to maintain ideal bone density and strength

Thick & shinny Coat

High levels of animal-based protein and a balance of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to support a lustrous coat and healthy skin.

Ideal taste & Texture

A measured composition of vitamins and minerals to create the only food your cat needs.


Lowers urine pH & Reduces chances of stone formation

Complete & balanced Nutrition

Essential Vitamins and minerals, Fat emulsifiers, Taurine, Fiber etc. are used which make a complete and balanced formula.

Premium animal & fish protein

Organic Animal source protein is taken from whole chicken with skin that is necessary source for amino acids.

Contains omega 3 & 6

Pawfect™ contains the essential fatty acids and oils which benefit in Joint health, healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Food Guide

How to transition from your old cat food to Perfect Petfood

Day 1 -2

25% Pawfect™ | 75% old Food

Day 3 -4

50% Pawfect™ | 50% old Food

Day 5 -6

75% Pawfect™ | 25% old Food

Day 7

100% Pawfect™ | 0% old Food

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